Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A - Accessories

Note :  Dear readers I'm participating in the A#Z  April blogging challenge. I would be posting articles the entire month  except on Sundays, covering all the alphabets from A to Z. So here I begin my first post beginning with the letter A.

Accessories play a vital role in completing a woman's and even a man's wardrobe. A woman's clothing is incomplete without the right accessories in place. It enhances and beautifies the look of an outfit and the entire look of a person. But what exactly is a fashion accessory ? It's an item which is used to contribute in a secondary manner to a wearer's outfit.

There are two types of fashion accessories - one that is worn and the other that is carried. Hand accessory includes hand bags, parasols, hand fans and so on.

Accessories that are worn are Jackets, shoes, shawls, stockings, Jewellery and so on.
I've listed few  of my favourite accessories which I think is a must.

Sunglasses - Sunglasses form an important part in a man and a woman's accessory list. The  right pair can match with just about any clothing be it western or Ethnic wear. There's no dearth of popular brands that are available, to purchase a brand new pair of stylish shades. Ray Ban,  Fast track, and Fendi are some of the popular names. 

Brand - Vogue 
Price - Rs. 5990/-
  A black leather Jacket - This adds street style to even a pair of jeans with a Tee shirt. If you love to add the street style look to your clothes then a black leather Jacket is a must. 

  A pair of black stilletos  - Black stilettos can go with just about any outfit.  Stilettos add a classy touch to any form of dressing. If you are in doubt as to what shoes to wear  for an occasion, black stilettos are the safest bet. 


Watches - I've seen most celebrity women sporting big dialed watches especially with western outfits. It gives an overall classy look.  I think big dialed watches can be added to the list of my favourite accessories. I do not have one currently. Hoping to buy one soon :)

Hand bags - It's essential to have handbags for different occasions. Handbags enhances one's style statement. While Leather handbags look best for official use. One can go for designer handbags for occasions. Hidesign has a good collection of Leather handbags. Visit the Hidesign website by clicking this link here Hidesign bags

Shopping bags can be used specifically for shopping and casual use. Check out these shopping bags below. 

Kanvas Katha
Brand - Kanvas Katha 
Price -  Rs. 629/-

 Here are a great variety of handbags for occasions too. I fancied a few of them and the pics are below. 

Source - Jabong.com
 Brand - Holli Maroon clutch
 Price - Rs. 1695/-

Source - Myntra 

Brand - Aarnacraft 
Price - Rs. 1699/-

My list of favourite accessories is very long and I could go on and on.  I'm sure you'd get tired going through the long list. So I hope you liked the shortened version. So bye for now, I'll catch you tomorrow with an article beginning with the letter B. 


  1. I am a sucker for some good accessories. Whether it is purses, shoes, jewelry or anything in between, I love them! I could spend all day at Charming Charlie's. Literally. All. Day. :)

    1. That's wonderful Melissa :) Even I love experimenting with my accessories and after creating this fashion blog which is just a couple of days old, I'm so keen to know more about Jewelry, shoes and the latest trends going around. It's lovely to have you here Melissa :) .

  2. I am the least girly girl ever, but I love me some sunglasses!

    1. Sunglasses are also in my list of favourite accessories :) Nice to have you here Ann :)

  3. I'm not very fashion conscious but I do love a few accessories. I like individual pieces of jewellery, and in winter my favourite accessory is a shawl or wrap. I enjoyed your post!

    1. Thank you Sue and I'm so glad that you enjoyed the post :)