Wednesday, 23 April 2014

T - TRESemme`split remedy

Diana Penty promoting TRESemme`
 Our hair is delicate and like any other part of our body  it's important to take care and nourish it. But that's really difficult given the bad conditions like pollution,dust and inferior hair care products. These external factors cause severe split end damages to our hair. Women who love long hair have to cut their hair short or change their hair style to avoid split end damages. That's heart breaking cause it really takes a long time to grow our hair to a certain length. 

It's honestly disappointing when the length of the hair has to be shortened in order to get rid of split ends. But there's good news for all long hair lovers. TRESemme` split remedy is available at our nearest stores. The new TRESemme` split remedy is formulated with Amino Vitamin blend.

The combination of the shampoo and conditioner provides a unique formula that rescues 96 % of the split end damages in just three washes. I personally used the product and was totally satisfied. 

Here are some of the plus points

* The first thing I noticed on using the product was the fragrance. It emits a lovely fruity fragrance after washing the hair. The fragrance lingers long and your hair would smell awesome.
 * It moisturizes and lathers well. 
 * It gives the hair a soft, smooth and a silky feel. The hair becomes easy to style and manageable.
 * The conditioner does wonders to the hair and you just need to apply a little.
* It's gentle enough to be used daily. 
* The price is reasonable. The shampoo costs Rs. 80/- and conditioner Rs. 60/-
* It comes with a press open lid so it's to easy to use and it's also travel friendly.

I'd recommend  this to all women who have dry, rough and frizzy hair. I'm sure you'd be satisfied. So go ahead and try it right away and share your views on the product. 

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