Monday, 28 April 2014

X - X -RAY Fabrics

It was quite tricky to write a  fashion post beginning with the letter ' X '. Not many brands or terms in fashion begin with the letter ' X '. Fortunately, I found the term. So, here goes my post for the day.  X  stands for X- ray fabrics. 

This is a term that's not often heard. What is X- Ray Fabrics ? X ray fabrics are completely hand woven. In this concept the designer aims to create hand woven materials to display the vertical threads. And then using the  innovative weave method  the threads are forced to move out of their usual place thereby creating unique, distinct and beautiful patterns across the material. X ray fabrics are transparent material and it looks way beautiful when light passes through it. It feels like the fabric is composed of woven ice crystals.

They produce different results when light passes through it. It looks different at dawn and at dusk. Even artificial lights can be passed through and it would produce a different look. It's about experimenting the looks of the material with the different effects of light passing through it. 

Image source - ritaparniczky

By using hand woven materials and the hand weaving technique the vertical threads have formed various patterns in the pic above. It's amazing how different patterns are formed.

This rare hand weaving technique is created by Rita Parniczky. Her main aim is to make the invisible world of threads visible through this innovative hand weaving technique.

Check out the use of Xray fabrics in the world of fashion. Here are a few pics.

This is Gusto Barcelona Spring / Summer 2012. ready to wear X- ray fabric collection.

Here's an example of an X- ray fabric dress.

Image source here X ray fabrics

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