Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Y - Youthful You

No one can turn back time and defy age. No matter what steps we take we all have to grow old. But we can do so gracefully and enthusiastically. A few steps that can be taken to feel and look healthy are listed below.

Exercising - Exercising regularly regulates blood pressure and weight. It helps in blood circulation.  A person who exercises regularly gets a natural glow.

Adequate sleep - It's good to sleep at least six to eight hours a day. Sleeping less than six hours could cause hormonal imbalance and other health related issues. For proper functioning of the mind and body, eight hours of sleep is a must. 

Avoid smoking - Smoking not only causes diseases like cancer, lung disease and diabetes, it makes one look much older than his or her age. If you are a smoker, then give it up immediately. 

Take care of your skin - Skin is a great indicator of your health and age. To have a healthy skin avoid smoking, avoid the sun and consume plenty of water. Water flushes the toxins out of the body and keeps the skin hydrated. Check out the latest creams available. Use something that's mild and suits your skin type.

Avoid stress - Stress is synonymous with our current lifestyle. With the long working hours and hectic work schedules it's difficult to avoid stress. We can control stress by indulging in stress busting activities like listening to music or indulging in one of our favourite sport. Indulging in an activity that we enjoy can be therapeutic and healing. 

Smile often - Smiling brings a natural glow to the face. It reduces tension lines and softens the overall look of the face.  Smiling can make you look much younger. 

Keep up with fashion - We can keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and fashion. This way we can choose the right way of dressing to look younger and smarter. Ofcourse it's not advisable to cross limits. We can choose to dress gracefully, keeping our age in mind. It's good to be experimentive. Change is good. 

There are several celebrities who have lived hectic lifestyles and still managed to age gracefully. Some of them have defied time and managed to look much younger than their actual age. Amitabh Bachan is the perfect example. He exudes charm and confidence. He's managed to age gracefully and can win hearts even now.

Image source here www.thenewstribe.com
I've been seeing Eva Longoria for years on television and she's always looked the same to me. Her face is bright and she wears a lovely smile all the time. Probably her smile is her secret to staying and looking young.
Eva Longoria / Image source - www.clikkrr.com
Johnny Depp is one of my favourite actors and as the years pass by he looks better. His personality, youthful and charming ways can sweep any woman off her feet.

Johnny Depp / Image source www.digitalspy.co.uk

Rekha is an epitome of Indian beauty.  She has a very enthusiastic and a charming personality. According to sources she leads a very disciplined healthy life. She gives importance to sleep, healthy food, yoga and drinks plenty of water.

Image source here Rekha
There are many models, fashion icons, celebrities and even normal human beings like our own family who manage to look and stay healthy. It's not always about make up or beauty sessions at the parlour that can make one look younger. It's our own nature, how we feel about ourselves from within, our outlook towards life and people, that makes a major difference to the way we look and feel.

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  1. Beautiful post, Diana. M a huge AB fan and is the epitome of grace, charm and someone who aged gracefully:)