Saturday, 19 April 2014

Q - Quintessentially beautiful

Princess Diana was a humanitarian and a people's person. The crowd just loved her for her simplicity, for her humanitarian ways and not to forget her fashion legacy. I've always admired her beauty and style. She transformed so gracefully from a shy young girl to a sophisticated confident woman.

Her fashion sense was truly admired by the crowds. Her dressing style can be defined as classy, elegant, graceful and confident. Towards the last phase of her life her style became more powerful and sexier. Her wedding gown was admired by people all over the world.  

Initially the crowds always spotted her in pants and tops. After her marriage her dressing style transformed and became more sophisticated. She became popular for her coats, hats and her fabulous dresses. She was a true style icon. She'll always be remembered for her personality, grace and beauty.

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She visited the British school of Seoul in South Korea wearing a green suit with matching pumps.

Image source - Style evolution
She wore this Christian Lacroix dress in Paris. She looked so beautiful. Words are not enough to describe her beauty here. 

Image source - Style evolution
  She's seen here wearing a silver glitzy dress and a beautiful pair of silver shoes to match it. 

Image source - Style evolution
 A more casual and relaxed look. She worked out to maintain her body. 

 She carried herself with confidence in this black dress designed by Christina Stambolian . She wore it for a dinner at the Serpentine gallery. 

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  1. Diana, M a huge fan of Lady D and when see died, it sank my heart. The People's Princess, Fashion Icon, humanitarian and one of the most beautiful woman on earth.

  2. Her death was a blow to the entire world. I agree she was one of the most beautiful woman on earth. You summed up well Vishal :)

  3. Kate isn't doing a bad job of following in her footsteps. Early days yet.