Saturday, 26 April 2014

W - Wedges

Today I chose ' Wedges ' for the letter ' W '. These are in my list of favourites because they have a fun, girly chic look. They can be worn with casual outfits like dresses, jeans and skirts. I have a pair of red wedges which was gifted by an aunt. 

Here's a quick look of it.

These shoes were introduced in the Italian market by Salvatore Ferragamo in late 1930s. In these shoes the sole is in the form of a wedge.  The back part of the sole is thick and it serves both as a sole and a heel.

Wedge boots are generally worn by women. They have a sole that is thicker at the back than front. This makes it a high heel shoe or a boot. They provide a good surface area to walk. It's very practical and comfortable to use. Let's have a look at the latest wedges that are available at online portals.
Miss Chase - Blue Wedges
Price - Rs. 3199/-
AKA Silver Trim Wedges 
Price - Rs. 1995/- 
Image courtesy -
 Selena Gomez is seen wearing  a fabulous white pair of  Wedge court shoes.
Wedges have been in vogue since a very long time. They seem to never go out of trend. So, it's a good idea to stack up a pair of wedges in your collection of shoes. They are plenty of brands and designs that are available in the popular online portals.  Hurry and check them out soon. 

I'll catch you on Monday with the letter 'X' . Till then stay fashionable and have a great weekend.


  1. Very pretty wedges. I can only admire them. Wish I could wear them!! But I cannot. At the age of 79, how can I !!.

  2. Thanks Usha ma'am. I'm happy that you liked the pair. It's never too late, you could still try them on for the fun of it :)