Thursday, 24 April 2014

U - Ultra cool colours

Colours play a significant role in the way we dress and in the field of fashion. It's essential to choose the right colours for the right occasions as colours speak a lot about a person. Here's a peek at some of the colour personality types and how to choose the right colour for the right place. 

Black - The colour black makes a person appear authoritive, smart and powerful. It's also a colour to be worn if you want to appear slimmer. Black is worn for important occasions like parties, traditional events and even funerals as it is a serious colour. 

White - White is associated with purity, innocence and peace. It's worn when you want to appear, calm, cool and relaxed. Since it's a sign of purity it's worn at places of worship, wedding ceremonies and christenings. It symbolizes respect and thus can be adorned at funerals too. 

Blue - It's one of the most popular colours among men and some women too. A person wearing blue appears calm, smart and relaxed. Blue is the right colour to wear while attending a job interview since it's a professional colour. We've often seen Kate Middleton carrying the blue colour gracefully.

Green - Green is a soothing colour and it's best to wear this colour while handling high pressure situations. Like probably meeting an irate boss or while resolving a conflict. Green is associated with stability. 

Pink - Pink is associated with innocence and feminity. It's a great colour to adorn if you want to apppear cool, approachable and friendly. It can be worn on happy occasions like birthday parties.

Orange - Orange is a mix between yellow and red. A person who wears orange is perceived as outgoing and flamboyant. It's a popular colour in India and we often see women wearing orange for marriage and naming ceremonies. 

Brown -  Brown is normally worn by women who are stable, grounded and have a down to earth attitude. Brown is worn on regular occasions. Brown with gold accessories can be worn on important occasions. It can be used for an interview as well.

Red - It's a vibrant colour and a sign of vitality and energy. It's an important colour to adorn during marriage ceremonies and events that are full of fun and energy.

These were a few points that came to my mind with regards to colours. Please do share your favourite colour and your views on the topic.

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