Tuesday, 15 April 2014

M - Milan

I've always been fascinated with the city Milan - one of the most important fashion capitals of the world. Today I chose to write about the city that inspires thousands of fashion enthusiasts. Milan has a stylistic image and number of rising designers contributed to Milan's fashion image. It was in the year 2009 that the city was declared as the " Fashion capital of the world " by the global language monitor.

The people of Milan were said to be fashion conscious as early as 1880s and the late 19th century.
The Milan fashion has been partially inspired by the french fashion which was dominant during that period.  It chose to keep the local taste alive which was sombre and simple. They dressed modestly and paid importance to simplicity and elegance in dressing. They also paid emphasis to fabrics and tailoring.  It was also during this period that the number of tailors and seamstresses in the city grew. Clothing economy boomed rapidly. 

It soon became a popular fashion destination for shopping. The number of boutiques grew which sold elegant clothes. The designers of Milan paid importance to comfort, practicality and elegance. The clothes became more popular and affordable too. 

Milan fashion week 2014 / milandesignagenda.com
  Milan has two fashion weeks in a year. One during spring and the other during Autumn. This glamorous city is home to numerous popular shopping districts and streets. One of them is named Via Monte Napoleane. It's ranked as the sixth most expensive shopping streets in the world. The streets contain poplular fashion and couture boutiques. Have a quick look below.

Versace store in Via Montenapoleone / www.bykoket.com
So that  was a short  post on Milan. Hope you all  liked it. Catch you all tomorrow with letter 'N '

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