Saturday, 5 April 2014

E - Elizabeth Arden perfumes

The letter 'E' got me thinking and after some deep thought I nominated to write on Elizabeth Arden's perfumes. Elizabeth Arden was the founder of Elizabeth Arden Inc. a giant cosmetic empire in the United states.  Her original name was Florence Nightangle Graham. She was a canadian American business woman. This company is also famous world over for its perfumes and sprays. 

They have a huge wide collection of perfumes with great variations. I've listed some of them below 

* Red door 
* Green Tea
* Pretty Elizabeth Arden 
* 5th Avenue 
* Blue grass 
* Provocative 
* Sunflowers 
* Mediterranean 
* Arden Beauty 

Perfumes are a woman's best friend and I'm lucky to have two of them listed above in my perfume collections - The 5th avenue and Arden beauty. Both are my favourites. 

A little more about them 

The 5th avenue

The 5th avenue - This is one of my favourite perfumes. The fragrance lasts long and it makes one feel glamorous and confident. It's sophisticated and not overpowering  It's sufficient to spray just once and the fragrance lingers long enough. It instantly uplifts the mood.  I love the look of the perfume bottle. It's long and sleek. Thus it contains a huge amount of perfume that lasts long enough.

This perfume was inspired by the distinctive Manhattan skyline. It captures the style of the most famous street in the world.

Price - $ 58

Arden beauty - This is another favourite piece of mine. It is just right for the sensual woman. It has a subtle fragrance that lasts long. The fragrance awakens the senses. It makes you feel feminine and gets one into the mushy mood.  Both the perfumes are distinct and unique in their own way.
If you have a penchant for perfumes then definitely try the above two. I'm sure you wouldn't be left dissatisfied.

Price - $ 60

Check out the Elizabeth Arden cosmetic website by clicking here Elizabeth Arden website.


  1. Perfume is something which I love, but can rarely afford. But I might start saving the pennies, now that I have read your blog...
    My blog is at GenWestUK

  2. I'm glad that the post inspired you to collect perfumes. Best of luck on your venture Ros :)

  3. Perfume is something I used to buy and wear a lot when I was younger. However, may scents bother my asthma so I'm very limited as to what I can wear and also be around. I like your posting though and it's make me go want to buy one or two of the fragrances you have listed.

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