Friday, 25 April 2014

V - Versace

Gianni Versace / Img source - Wikipedia
This post is about Gianni Versace the designer and his fashion empire ' Versace '.  It's one of the world's leading international fashion houses which was founded in 1978. Gianni Versace was born on 2nd December 1946 in Italy. His career began when his mother started a sewing workshop where he worked as an apprentice.  Then he moved to Milan at the age of twenty six  and concentrated on his career as a fashion designer. He designed for famous personalities like Michael Jackson, Elton John, Princess Diana and  many more.

Unfortunately Gianni Versace was killed on July 15 1997. His sister Donatella Versace then stepped in as creative Director of Versace. His older brother Santo Versace became CEO. 

 A large number of designers and stylists are employed  in Versace's department. They work closely together under the supervision of Donatella Versace. Each team works for one specific label.  The Versace brand is classified into several labels - Atelier Versace, Versace Couture, Versace Sports, Versace Home Collection, Versace Jeans Couture, Versace Collection, Young Versace, and Versus

Versace Couture is one of the most important lines that contains high-end, often handmade apparel, jewellery, watches, fragrances, cosmetics, handbags, and home furnishings. This line is the only line presented on the runway. Couture dresses in this line cost about $10,000. Donatella Versace directly heads this line.

Madonna in Versace ad campaign /

  Many famous personalities loved Versace's collections. Some of them were Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Axl rose, Beyonce and many others. Most celebrities love wearing Versace's  outfits for Red carpet events.  The two dresses designed by Versace that was much talked about were the safety pin black dress adorned by Elizabeth Hurley and the Green chiffon dress adorned by Jennifer Lopez at the 42nd Grammy awards 2000. These dresses garnered huge publicity.

Versace has several boutiques that are spread all over the world like Europe, Middle east, America and India.  In India they've  opened boutiques in Mumbai and New Delhi.

Versace uses ' celebrity image' to promote their fashion. The celebrity who is chosen to become the face to promote the fashion is paid monetarily and is also supplied with free clothing for a stipulated period of time. Some well known personalities who became the face of Versace's collections were Madonna, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Christina Aguilera and many others. Currently the queen of Pop lady Gaga is the face of Versace's fashion house.

 So, this was all about Versace and his fashion empire. I'll catch you tomorrow with the letter 'W'. 
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  1. Versace is a label that defines style. Good one, Diana:)

  2. I agree he was a big name in the industry and he stood for style....glad you liked the post V.