Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Satya Paul

Satya Paul the well renowned fashion design label is known for it's traditional and ethnic Sarees. We've often seen high profile celebrities adorning his clothes and his collection of  Sarees have dominated the runways for years. His collection of clothes are adorned by powerful ladies in the world of glamour. There are around forty one Satya Paul stores all over India. His Son Puneet Nanda is the co founder of the label. 

The speciality of his Sarees are that it's multi coloured with a combination of different textures and fabrics. Each of his Sarees exhibit very high class of workmanship. I love his amazing collection as it represents class, grace, beauty and sophistication. 

Let's have a quick peek at his collection. 

Image source - Satya Paul

Image source - Satya Paul.com
Here is an Ombre multi coloured digital print Saree. 
Price - Rs. 9995/-

Image source - Satyapaul.com

 Here is an Ombre Black and white screen print Saree 
Price - Rs. 22,995/-

  Malaika Arora in a Satyapaul Saree at an awards function. 

Puneet Nanda - the co founder of the fashion label


  1. Satya Paul boast of awesome collection, intelligently crafted sarees blending style, beauty and creativity to celebrate the Indian women. Lovely write up and the cherry is Dia's photo..one of ma fav and shez awesomely cute:)

  2. Yeah I agree Vishal..He's an amazing designer and he emphasis on class and finesse. I agree Dia is pretty and she really looks gorgeous in this blue saree :)