Thursday, 20 March 2014

Mac face studio fix powder plus foundation - Product review

Mac studio fix powder plus foundation

I  heard great reviews about the Mac face studio fix powder plus foundation by many friends and family, so I  finally decided  to try it out myself and see if it really lives up to the standard of a good face compact. Fortunately since my birthday was  around the corner, I decided to take the opportunity to ask my hubby to buy the product for me, of course along with the other cosmetics that he promised to buy.

* The first thing that attracted me about the compact was the casing. It was round with a outer black casing.  That looked unique. It has two chambers, one  for the powder and the other to keep the powder puff separately. That's a good idea as the powder puff normally gets messy if it's kept along with the powder. It also gets some air to breathe and dry.

* Now coming to the product , I was totally satisfied by the quality. It is worth    the money.
The face compact has a smooth finishing on applying to the face. That's because it contains foundation too. So after applying on the face, one gets a smooth and a natural flawless look. 

* There is no cakiness or layering. Unlike other brands, wherein after applying the powder, one can easily make out the applied layer.  It doesn't look natural and doesn't blend with the skin. In case of Mac, you wouldn't know. It looks natural and not made up.

* Since it contains foundation there are no additional hassles to put an extra layer of foundation. The powder is sufficient. Since it has foundation the face feels hydrated as well.

* I have a sensitive skin. A combination of dry and oily. This compact has blended well with my skin and so far I've not had any allergy reactions , rashes or pimples.

* It lasts long. One does not have to touch up every now and then. The fresh look remains longer. 

* It gives a nice matte look.

* It allows the skin to breathe as it keeps the skin hydrated.

* It gives a soft and satin finishing. 

* They come in various ranges of colours and shades. So choose a shade that blends well with your skin. I chose NC 40.

* A customer gets a discount on purchasing a new compact and returning the old case. How wonderful is that.

 I would recommend Mac face studio fix powder plus foundation to all the women who believe in looking natural even after applying make up. 

I hope you  liked the review and would be satisfied with the product.  So go ahead and try it out yourself. It's a nice product to have in your make up kitty. 

Product -
Mac face studio fix powder plus foundation

Price - Rs. 1800/- 

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