Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Jumpsuit trend

We've seen plenty of  celebrities sporting the jumpsuit on many occasions recently.  Yes, the jumpsuit is in and it's here to stay. This one piece garment can look stunning on women who are tall and average height women can team it up with high heels. 

Much accessories are not required to go with a jumpsuit as the whole piece makes up for everything else. But the jumpsuit look can be teamed with a broad dialed watch or a broad hand accessory and a choker. 

Check out these celebrities sporting the jumpsuit look. They look fabulous, don't they ?

Malaika Arora

Jennifer Lopez

Image source Photo 1 - Miss malini.com
Image source 2 - UK Lifestyle Yahoo


  1. The jump suits look cool and chic. Some people can carry them off real well. I liked Malaika's dress the most here :)

  2. I agree jumpsuits look stylish and funky. Malaika has carried out the look well here. Great choice Shilpa.