Friday, 15 August 2014

Four Fountains Spa review

I had the opportunity to visit the four fountains spa recently. I opted to visit the Koramangala branch in Bangalore as that seemed to be the closest branch. I'm glad that I came across a Spa that is affordable and maintains high quality standards as well. You would be welcomed by a sweet lemongrass Aroma as you enter it. The reception is specially designed with wooden beads to massage our back and the door handles have been created to massage the pressure points of our palms. 

The customer is immediately attended to by the courteous spa team. They guide the customer through the various massage therapies that are available and would also recommend a therapy based on our individual needs and requirement. Thus it becomes easier to make choice from the various packages that are available.

While I was going through the rates of the various therapies, I realised that the prices of the massage therapies were afforadable and within the budget. This was what caught my attention. Many of us hesitate to go to a spa frequently due to the towering rates of the packages. But the packages that were available here were reasonable.  The therapies are categorized into De-stressing, De-toxification, immunity and beauty. 

Once I decided on the therapy, I was escorted to my room. As I entered the room, the dim lights and the soothing cool atmosphere in the room already started working on my nerves. A soothing tune was being played in the background. I instantly began to feel relaxed and calm. I was introduced to my massage therapist; a young pleasant female therapist. After she greeted me, she guided me to place my belongings in the locker room. She showed me the change over clothes that was neatly laid on the bed. I was told to press a buzzer, once I complete changing. The therapist was warm, friendly and very professional. She was not hasty and maintained the pressure to my need and liking.

The therapist made sure that I was comfortable with the entire therapy. After a relaxing massage which I assume lasted more than an hour, I was asked to take a warm water shower.  The shower room had a higher grade shampoo and body soap with a sweet smelling fragrance. I took my own sweet time as there was no one to hasten me.  They also provided a hair dryer and the therapsit took efforts to dry my tangled hair. 

After the complete session, I was escorted out of the room and immediately given a hot cup of green tea, which I sipped at my own leisure pace.  I was then asked to fill up a customer feedback form. 

   I've summarized the complete experience with Four Fountains Spa in points given below 

  • The customer service staff and the administration executives are prompt,courteous and helpful.
  • They take immediate appointments and are flexible in giving you a slot that is comfortable to the customer.
  • The prices of most of the therapies are affordable and within the budget of the common man. 
  • The rooms are very clean and the atmosphere is soothing and serene. 
  • They provide same gender therapies.
  • The therapists are professional and courteous. 
  • They provided brochures on living a healthy stress-free life and a complete guide on the four fountains spa. 
  • They also tie up with corporate companies for their employees Wellness programmes.
  • They provide gift vouchers which can be handed to friends and family on special occasions. 
 My overall experience with four fountains Spa was satisfying. To get more information of the Spa, it's locations and packages click here -> Four Fountains Spa.

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